Chicago Sun Times proclaimed "THE WEIGHT carries on where THE BAND left off."

Billboard Magazine proclaims “Weider… keeps the upstate spirit of The Band alive as leader of
The Weight Band, whose excellent new album World Gone Mad was released in February.”

Jim Weider
The Weight Band
Auxoro: The Voice Of Music

The Best Indie Albums of 2018 - Goldmine Magazine
"World Gone Mad"

The Rock and Roll Report’s “Best Of” List For 2018
CD Review: The Weight Band “World Gone Mad”

THE WEIGHT BAND at CARNEGIE HALL Review November 24. 2018
The Weight Band opened the show on their own, turning out an impressive six-song, half-hour set.
Tunes came from their recently released debut album, "World Gone Mad."
All five sing—contributed significantly to the overall sound. You don’t have to be a Band fanatic to appreciate what they do The Weight Band wears their influences proudly.

From Best Classic Bands by- Jeff Tamarkin

The Fathers Are Gone But The Sons Carry The Weight Now -- Admirably

Interview with Michael Bram

The Weight Band - World Gone Mad

"This is excellent. This is shades with haunt and shadows of the original Band. Lyrically, vocally, musically – all coming together eloquently and performed wonderfully. This sent a shiver down my spine." -No Depression

"by the end of the album, I was convinced that this was a labor of love and something optimistic and viable and worth having if you're a Band enthusiast. "

"Weider and Grebb pull a rabbit out of the hat with “Big Legged Sadie.” This is excellent. This is shades with haunt and shadows of the original Band. Lyrically, vocally, musically – all coming together eloquently and performed wonderfully.
This sent a shiver down my spine."

"a bonus track written by the first track’s writer’s Jim Weider and Colin Linden is a live performance of “Remedy.”Wow does this sound like The Band in its finest condition? This is a trip. May even be better than original."

"I hope this band sticks around long enough to treat us to more slices of the music The Band originally planted their notes in Americana soil for. The Weight Band waters it every day to keep it in bloom. That’s commendable."


The Band's 'Music From Big Pink' Turns 50: How Upstate New York Informed the Americana Classic

Guitar royalty bring their Masters of the Telecaster concert to D.C. at last

Spotlight: The Weight Band
Relix - Brian Robbins | June 02, 2018

Brian Robbins | Americana Series At The Boch Center Brings Folk Back To The 'Epicenter' Of The '60s Scene

Americana series at the Boch Center strikes a chord between past and present
By Robert Steiner GLOBE CORRESPONDENT APRIL 10, 2018

Folk and Americana Music Series  (Press Release Mar 12 18) 2/20/18
Jim Weider and The Weight Band Continue The Band’s Woodstock Sound

The Weight Band releases World Gone Mad,” an original song and music video (pdf) 1/24/18
The Weight Band Announce New Album
World Gone Mad
Reviving the Woodstock sound, The Weight Band releases World Gone Mad on February 23!
Available on compact disc and digital download.
Infinity Hall Live: The Weight Band premieres nationally on public television and on line beginning
Friday July 14th. Watch online at
Infinity Hall Live is produced by Connecticut Public Television and distributed by APT.

REVIEW: The Weight plays The Band with a healthy dose of history and road muscle
by JT Leonard Coastal Journal contributor

Worth The weight
by Michael Lello

King Harvest Has Surely Come
by Drew Moss

Cohorts of The Band Re-​​Imagine the Iconic Rock of Ages Show at Brooklyn Bowl
ROLL by Kay Cordtz

Marty Grebb and Keeping the Spirit of The Band Alive
Carrying The Weight

Jim Weider Lends His Weight to The Band’s Legacy
Published: 2015/04/07 by Mike Greenhaus

From the Band's Music, the Weight Builds a Future
New York Times with Jim Weider - Jan 4, 2015

The Weight: Tight Connection to The Band, Reverence for the Music
November 24th, 2014
©2014 Elmore Magazine
Kay Cordtz

Highway 81 Revisited - August, 2014
By Michael Lello

Former guitarist for The Band looking forward to revisiting catalog with The Weight
By Dustin Schoof- The Express-Times  


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